During a short time people thought free press would disappear in the Zombocalypse, like the rest of human civilization, but it won't happen.

The goal of the Los Angeles Deadly News faction is to gather information about the state of the map, politics and positions of other factions, important players, conflicts etc... and publish them in the Los Angeles Deadly News.

Members of the faction are reporters, volunteer if you are ready to realize interviews, share information, make or translate articles about in game situation, etc...

For the moment I'm alone in the faction, but I'd like that more people join, and get invested in making this newspaper (of course joining the faction isn't required to send me articles, but if we end being more than one working on LA deadly, like I hope, the faction chat, faction safehouses etc... may find an use to organize us and travel to get the interesting information for map zooms, etc... from all regions).

LADN faction goal is only to share information that may be used in our newspaper, so the faction will try to remain neutral in any conflict (out of eventually depicting a conflict in a non neutral way, we are free press after all).

We tolerate occasional killing of living beings (as everyone may be forced to) but officially reprove killing for sport (ie : don't want members spending their time trying to get as much kills possible) and don't want to be involved in members private wars.


But LADN faction will promote solidarity between members when it comes to traveling and supplies (that means a net of faction safehouses will be established as soon as possible to help our reporters travel).

Having far more necras than I need, I'm also considering remunerating active reporters or faction houses builders with things like ammunition.

Los Angeles Deadly News

Faction Forum (to come)

Members :

Rapace (leader)