Los Angeles

In the streets and ruins of what was the flourishing city of Los Angeles, more than three thousands operatives are guiding the living with only one goal, the survival of man. Civilization has vanished, many are losing any hope and some on their way to become beasts worse than the zombies themselves. But if I asked my men to restart the printing machines found in Los Angeles Municial Center, it's to tell you, there is still a hope, The end of civilization is not irreversible, nothing condemn us to become savages. We are still americans, and starting with this very fist american value, freedom of speech and so free press, we can revive and maintain american civilization. And, if it won't be easy, if we can preserve civilization, we can also preserve not only "humans", but humanity, our humanity.
Operative Rapace.


Tell Us More About NECRA Safehouses

Los Angeles Deadly News sponsor, the NECRA Officer Rosslessness, is organizing the first writing and pictures competition after the Zombocalypse. Here is the presentation he sent us :

So begins the first of many competitions designed to help the damned in Los Angeles.
Throughout the county are strange blue boxes. They are called NECRA safehouses. We know little about them. Even NECRA themselves keep their content guarded. A short press release give the following vague description.
“Many of these relatively small fortified shelters were quickly set up in the last days when NECRA was still operational, and can be found scattered throughout urban areas.
They feature a homing beacon which can be detected from a short distance by NECRA hand-cranked radios. Safehouses are heavily reinforced and feature entrances which are designed to be inaccessible to the living dead. Shipping containers are the most common type, with the entrance as a hatch in the top of the container.”
But we want to know EXACTLY what they are like inside, and are willing to pay handsomely for the information.
Simply put, we want pictures, drawings, writings, technical specs, models or designs for what exactly a NECRA safehouse is. The best submissions will be rewarded with glittering prizes, including :
  • A Limited edition SAW. (95 Firepower and no longer available in NECRA purchases). This baby is perfect for hunting living beings.
  • Chemical Packs. A selection of 5 Research chemicals, perfect for that delivery mission.
  • Landmark lists. A list of ten of the more obscure landmarks to add to your list. (Warning : Mr_Sivart will probably have found them already.)
The competition will last 2 weeks, and all prizes will be delivered by hand to your destination. Please submit all entries via the Wotld Forum.
So get creative!


mirhepoMirhepo : "People entering my home area risk dying every second they stay there"

Great traveler who has already visited most areas of Los Angeles County. Operative Mirhepo, also known as the General of the Damned, succeeded to reach third place in NECRA rankings while starting a little after his direct competitors.

Lt.Colonel Striker : "We do our best to help every human out there."

Leader of the Unity League, the Lt.Colonel Striker, tells us more about the objectives and values of his faction, humanist and elitist at the same time.


SivartMr_Sivart : "I consider Los Angeles County as my personnal demesne."

Known to have already murdered more than 50 survivors and actually in first place in operatives rankings, the NECRA Commander Mr. Sivart tells us more about his methods and his philosophy.


Bunker Life

Operative Training Games

Searching something to do in your bunker, while waiting for your survivors to recover ? Just before the Zombocalypse many learning programs presented as games have been made to prepare people to the Operative role. Here is a selection of those training programs.


Heavy fog slows SCUGS transmissions

Many operatives are reporting some problems in SCUGS satellite transmissions these last days. It may be due to the smoke clouds over L.A county, resulting from the many fires the wandering survivors are making. NECRA announced a tuning of satellite frequencies to solve this issue.

Map Zooms

Tensions in Canyon Country

North West of Los Angeles National Forest, the rich region of Canyon Country, home of the feared General of the Damned Mirhepo, is the source of many convetousnesses. By our special envoyee in this contested area, Mariah Preast.

L.A Central, a touristic place

Claimed by our editor, operative Rapace, the Los Angeles municipal center, where this newspaper is printed, include many places of note. But be warned : life expectancy of people scavenging in Rapace territory may be very short.

News from the Red Zone

Rumors and short actualities taken from operatives coms and messages sent to the redaction. Please contact us if you have some to share.

In next issue...

Survivor Bio

Hal Preast mission specialist for Rapace

Operative Manual

Basics of decentralized developpment

Learn more about a strategy that has been proved very effective in closed Zombocalypse simulation program.

LOS ANGELES DEADLY NEWS ISSUE 1 - Rapace Editions - printed in L.A, day 19 after the Zombocalypse.