avatar mirhepoMirhepo : "People entering my home area risk dying every second they stay there"

Rapace : Hi, Operative Mirhepo. Your progression in necra organization rankings is impressive, how do you explain this success ?

Mirhepo : Its mostly experience of commanding a medium sized survivor group, and a few very skilled gunmens that does the heavy work of exploring and completing missions, that has made the difference. I've been lucky also with finding good locations.

- What is your policy with your survivors, are you trying to save all of them or are you ready to make some sacrifices ?

-No one dies intentional or is expendable. I always put the right survivor on the right work so they dont risk their life unnecessary.

- And about other operatives ? You seem to have no problem with killing living being, is it systematic or do you have particular enemies (and allies) ?

- People entering my home area where my compounds is, risk dying every second they stay there. Other than that, I usually leave others alone. But if the mood come's over me, I migth fire a few shots on others.

- Is there a region you consider your personal demesne and want to warn others to avoid ?

- North region is the most deadly for unskilled and inexperienced survivors so there might be a good idea to think twice before entering this area.

- So far you are the only member of the Sàpmi Guardians faction. Do you have plans to develop it ?

-Its just a small faction, for Scandinavian players. Sapmi-Saméland covers 4 nations (Sweden, Norway, Finland, Russia), so if there are any other Sami survivors they are most welcome to join. There aint many of us so I don't expect to expand because of that reason. But well see.

- Your survivors have traveled a lot, any information you'd accept to disclose about map situation  ?

-I've walked all over Los Angeles County, 3 times and it feels like under crowded to me actually. The center is a red spot, but other than that, its pretty mixed.

- Anything you'd want to add ?

-If you see one Sámí Corp's squad, run (evil laugh)                                         

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sivart avatarMr_Sivart : "I consider Los Angeles County as my personal demesne."

Rapace - You are actually considered the number one operative by necra organization how do you explain this success ?

Mr.Sivart - This is a new world. with new rules. My success comes from one simple policy : whatever it takes. i do not tolerate other operatives in my area of influence (which increases every day) stealing my food. i try to build my cache as big and as fast as possible. with a finite number of supplies, i need enough to last indefinitely. I consider everything in L.A county as mine, and i do whatever i need to to get it.

- You have lost more than a few survivors already were all these sacrifices part of your strategy or just accidents ?

- I have had a few suvivors bitten, then infected, then dead, but mostly they are sacrifices. most of my loses are seniors and minors. I have them stick around the area i find them in until they die, either by injuries or by starving. I found a nice big green zone with lots of locations. the green area extends for a long way and family members usually call for help within a certain distance of your squads, as radio range in limited. Knowing this, I stayed around this area so they call from somewhere in the green zone. The next one also calls from a green zone, so most of the time i can take the last senior i got to get the next one without wasting resources on them. Doing this, I've been able to complete around 70-75 necra missions so far, most of them are these family missions. i don't waste food, water, or my skilled survivors' time and energy so they can continue to grow my caches of supplies.

-What is your policy about other operatives, you seem rather aggressive, is it systematic or do you have particular enemies (and allies) ?

- As stated previously, whatever it takes. I see all the supplies as mine, some of them I just haven't had time to collect yet. See that unlooted gas station over there ? Everything in it is mine. I'm just storing it there for now and will pick up the stuff when I'm ready. if i see another crew coming near my gas station, or whatever building it happens to be, dead. every calorie they pick up is a calorie i cant eat. with a limited amount of supplies in the world, aggressiveness is the only way to ensure survival.
As far as particular enemies not really. there is the occasional operative that runs their mouth, so i might teach them a lesson. however it is very difficult to find specific squads, so I don't normally go hunting, i have better things to do. its more about preventing the stealing of my supplies.
And i think its fun. Also, it can be quite funny to me the messages i get either over the coms or in private messages from the necra operative commanding the killed survivors. All i can really say to them is "You failed as a commander. Do better next time."
There are certain operatives that i will not attack under any circumstances. not because i fear retaliation, but out of respect. and other operatives that I have killed, i usually wont kill again, unless they keep coming back, and sometimes I even offer compensation for their loss, in the form of allowing them to safely loot the dead bodies, or even melee weapons or a couple days supply of water or a first aid kit or something like that. 

- Is there a region you consider your personal demesne and want to warn other to avoid ?

- Yes. Los Angeles County. i consider the entire area that SCUGS satellite covers as mine. If i see you in my area , i will kill you. please refer to the previous question.

- Your faction, the Originals, claim to be neutral about killing living beings but seem to have established an already large net of safehouses, eventually offering shelter to the well known killers among their ranks. What would you answer to people seeing some hypocrisy in this ?

- The Originals aren't a faction in the traditional sense. its more for gathering and sharing information. we do not make faction safehouses, or freely share goods, with the exception of trade. We are neutral not about killing living beings, but the act of killing living beings, (or whatever act an individual chooses to make). Some of us like to engage enemy squads, some of us like to help and share with other operatives. even i give all sorts of information over the coms. all of our members are basically factions on their own, as individuals, and will not receive "discipline" for any action. If one of our members gets in a "war", they are generally on their own. the rest of the faction will not automatically come to help, but will make an individual choice. If you make an enemy, that's your problem. As far as i know, you can not be kicked from our faction, and anyone can join-there are no prerequisites. we all have leader status, and work independently.

- Your survivors have traveled a lot, any information you'd accept to disclose about map situation (like big red zones, overcrowded or not areas, etc...) ?

- Well i can't give away locations, but i can say the forest is tough. There are pockets of extreme red, with little to no locations to loot. I don't go in there without a few days worth of supplies. downtown la is heavily overrun, so not a good place for unskilled survivors. plenty of great places to set up away from there.

- Anything you'd want to add ?

- Not really. Except i am willing to pay for information leading to landmarks that i have not been too. If you send me info leading me to one, i will provide compensation. most other things are pretty well covered I think. Just have fun ! Oh, and everyone go check out ucla. its cool !

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avatar strikerLt.Colonel Striker : "We do our best to help every human out there."

Rapace - Salutations, lieutenant colonel. What decided you to form the Unity League ?

Striker - With the downfall of civilization, it became clear to me that as a species we would have to drop our old ideologies, prejudices, and ways of thinking if we were going to survive. We would have to unite as a species – not under gang colors or skin color or a national flag – but under the umbrella of mankind in general.

- Tell us more about your ideology, would you define Unity League as a collectivist faction, or more as an alliance of individualities just sharing some common interest while their pursue their own goals ?

- Unity League is an attempt to pull together the best and brightest of humanity in order to preserve the species. Every member brings forth his own personality and traits, and we allow… no, encourage… individualism within the structure of the group. Our rules are few and simple: no in-fighting amongst members, defend yourself from outside attack, and defend your fellow man as well. Unity League has come to the aid of its own members a number of times, as well as helped out other survivors who are not League members.

- You are the only leader of Unity, does it mean you take the important decisions, or is unity working more like a council ?

- I come from a military background, and it’s been my experience than councils and committees bog down in bureaucracy where a strict hierarchy of command maintains order, especially in a disorderly environment. I maintain strict decision-making power in Unity League, but my door is open and my radio is on at all times. I strongly encourage all members to participate in discussions about the League’s decisions, mission, and so forth. But ultimately, the final decision – and responsibility – would rest with me.

- Will Unity remain an isolated group, or do you plan to engage in diplomacy with other factions to form a larger coalition ? Do you already have allies (or enemies) out of the faction?

- We’re always open to trade agreements and non-aggression pacts, and we currently have several. We’re not looking to become one giant coalition. That would mean taking away some autonomy from others trying to survive as well – an action contrary to the League’s mission statement. Instead, we’ll gladly help out others as best we can, so long as they too are trying to salvage what’s left of humanity.

- According to your statuts the Unity League seem to be at the same time an elitist group, and one pursuing noble goals, how do you conciliate these two aspects ? How do you define the preservation of man, the preservation of your men, or of a larger part of humanity ?

- I think our goals are noble, yes. But in order to preserve mankind… no, not just mankind… there are many men not worth preserving. In order to preserve the best of mankind in a world of limited resources, someone has to set standards that dictate who lives and who dies. We do our best to help every human out there. But make no mistake, if you are roaming the countryside on a killing spree, wiping out other humans, stealing supplies, and generally creating a worse nuisance than the zeds, you’ll soon find yourself our enemy. There is no place in today’s world for inter-human rivalry; that is clearly not the best of mankind.

- What is your policy with your own survivors, are you trying to save all of them or are you ready to make some sacrifices ?

- Oskar Schindler once quoted the Talmud when he said, ‘Whoever saves one life, saves the world entire.’ We don’t sacrifice anyone. Old, young, it doesn’t matter. In order to create a new world from the ashes of this one, we’ve got to create a new paradigm.

- Is there a region you consider your personal (or faction) demesne and want to warn other operatives not to enter ?

- Several of our operatives are set up north of the mountains, around Lancaster and that area. We’ve got safehouses throughout L.A. as well. We don’t lay claim to any of the regions. If someone would like to look for supplies right next to my primary compound, I’d be happy to help. Just don’t knock down our safehouses, attack our teams, or steal our supplies.

- Anything you'd want to add ?

- Only that Unity League is still looking for more members. If there’s anyone out there reading this that would like some help, would like to belong to a group working toward a common goal, would like to help preserve the best of mankind… I keep a 2m radio turned on all the time and tuned to 144.200 and we try to monitor the old citizen bands and emergency services freqs. Give us a call.

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