Just before the Zombocalypse many learning programs presented as games have been made to prepare people to the Operative role. While the main one, the Official Zombocalypse Simulation Program for future operatives, is now closed, some others (sadly less close from our world of living dead reality) are still available, and may be a good passtime while you are waiting for your survivors to recover.

Here is a selection of those training programs...

Rebuild, by Sarah Norway, while displaying a very optimistic world where zombies can finally be defeated, is a strategy and gestion turn-based game where most elements operatives can encounter, like the need of searching survivors, finding supplies etc... are represented, and even more, like survivors refusing to work when they are unhappy (a problem NECRA luckily succeeded to solve).
rebuild 2
Rebuild 2, second iteration of this game, display zombis numbers with color codes that will be familiar to necra operatives, and add some (minimalist) items management and a more developed story (but the balance of the first opus look better).
lab of the dead
Learn more about zombies in Lab of the Dead by EvilDog, a game allowing you to test their intelligence, especially suited for operatives having a scientific background.
Decision, by Armor Games / FlyAnvil, while a little more far away from the situations an operative can encounter in real life, is an interesting mix of action, strategy and tower defense elements.
the last stand
The Last Stand (1 & 2) by ConArtists also mix survival and action elements.
Class 3 Outbreak , by Bynary Space, also including an Outbreak Simulator commemorating the beginning of the Zombocalypse, was a first test of satellite imagery use in zombi war, while not exactly the same kind as SCUGS program. Devoid of resource management, it will still learn you to take the good streets to avoid zed hordes. 
project zomboid
Project Zomboid by The Indie Stone, will make you discover the life of an unfortunate survivor not having access to a NECRA radio, also being a mentally deficient person when it comes to cook his food, but strangely far more talented for crafting than our men. Warning unlike the other programs here, this one is not free and can't even be paid in necra credits.


If you find the life or your survivors in the world of living dead, far too easy and comfortable, try something really hard in Cataclysm, an ascii roguelike by headswe about the life of a very unfortunate survivor plagued by encumbrance problems (and realize how wise NECRA was for distributing backpacks to all survivors).
pestilence z
Far less realistic (and tedious) than the previous two Pestilence Z, by Twotowergames, is another game about a lone survivor life, more about combat and with some adventure flavor.
If you just want to destroy zombies with all kind of possible weapons, try Insectonator Zombie Mode, a pure targeting game by FlyAnvil. You won't learn anything but it may be very relaxing to take this virtual revenge after some of your survivors were eaten.

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(disclaimer : game presented here are proprieties of their creators and have no link with Wotld in reality, most links to flash games are to kongregate as I was too lazy to search each editor site)