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East of Santa Clarita, just north of Los Angeles National Forest, the town of Canyon Country is a place of relatively high building density in the middle of far poorer regions.

The first time we visited this region, in the first days after the Zombocalypse, an error in SCUGS identification system was making all locations there appear as pharmacies or pawn shops, so the colonization of this area, that seemed to be devoid of any source of food and liquids was reported.

But as soon the SCUGS system was repaired, several powerful operatives projected to settle there, the one winning this race to establish a large base in Canyon Country, being the well know general of the damned Mirhepo, also known to be well established in the west, around Santa Clarita.

mir territory

While some other contenders, finally decided to stay east or north of Canyon Country center, establishing their bases in its suburbs, Rapace forces also claiming the few locations in the wasteland between Canyon Country and Palmdale, the more ambitious or less prudent operative Talahassee, decided to contest the heart of Canyon County, establishing a safehouse just in the middle of one of Mirhepo's largest bases territory.

The retaliation was soon to come, according to our informations a large squad obeying to operative Talahassee was recently ambushed and terminated by Mirhepo's forces while moving through this area.

Nothing exceptional in this wild world some would say and it may very well have been an isolated battle, but something interesting to note is that Talahassee recently joined the Unity League, whose leader the necra officer Striker has a large base just east of this position, in between the vast but poor farmlands area claimed by Rapace and Canyon Country's town center under Mirhepo control.

Will there be an escalation of conflict between Talahassee and Mirhepo, with the involvement of other members of the Unity League ? A confrontation against such a powerful operative may be an important test for the young but ambitious faction, and if they have many survivors there, they may very well have no other choices to find food, the more sparse locations of the east being already largely depleted by our men.

And will even more people move to this particular area, or the sector north west of the forest in general ? It looks clear according to our informations that Mirhepo's territory in the north, including most valuable areas from the western border to Canyon Country, is unrivaled when it comes to the number of locations controlled by a lone operative, and especially in regions where zeds are only a minor problem, unlike in Los Angeles city. More than a few inhabitants of the south, where you hardly find a place to build a warehouse not already occupied by a swarm of new operatives apartments or millions of zeds, may find reasons to feel some jealousy and be tempted to move to this region, including some powerful operatives like Methale, whose starting demesne just south of the forest, around Whiteman Airport and Lake View Terrace is probably one of the most depleted area of LA county actually, due to his Sparks faction extremely intensive scavenging policy, or the (far more peaceful so far) famous trader Rosslessness who is established in San Fernando, controlling the main roads between the south and Santa Clarita, allowing to avoid the very dangerous LA forest trails.

By our special envoyee Mariah Preast.

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central LA


The Municipal Center region around the Los Angeles mark, where this newspaper is printed, is definitively a place to visit for operatives having an explorer vocation.

Not less than 15 landmarks are located in a two kilometers radius around the Los Angeles municipal center (and even more are not very far, like the Dodger Stadium and other places just north or west) an area of dense population, both of operatives and zombies, but still less dangerous than other places of note like Hollywood Boulevard, as long you don't stay idle or scavenge there.

We can confirm in the name of our guide Rapace, who is often complaining about the insane rate of depletion in this area, due to growing numbers of imprudent operatives establishing in this region or thinking clever to pillage a little while they visit, that, as friendly he wanted to be with these, often rookie, intruders, his policy is now to terminate any squad caught scavenging or staying strangely idle in this territory ; and that people building safehouses at the doors of his own may even face retaliation in other regions. "But, if you are just a tourist, you are of course welcome." , he said.

The anti-intruders policies of the other powerful inhabitant of the central LA region, the Bandit Lazette, having a large safehouse just west of LA municipal center (some locations being contested, both in Rapace and his territory), are unknown to us, but considering he already murdered more than 30 survivors it may be even more risky to venture on his lands.

By Fran Maillard, in charge of Los Angeles Headquarters for Rapace.

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