While operative are multiplying efforts to recreate civilization, trading almost everything and discussing things like the creation of a money, we are getting more and more reports about an unexpected increase of zombi aggressivity, leading to panic among the survivors and ending in a large increase of mortality.
In the same time, the activities of a few operatives, who seem decided, even more than zombies, to get rid of any remnant of the human race (out of their own men) are increasing too, some having already ordered the murders of more than 100 living beings. And the competition for the first places in necra hierarchy may lead to even more deaths, with, for example, a conflict between Mirhepo's forces and Korrigan's survivors seen as more and more probable, following the later interview.
Will the fragile humanity succeed to survive these challenges ? And what are our chances with supplies becoming more and more scarce in Los Angeles County ?  Hard to be optimistic...

Operative Rapace.


Tell Us More About NECRA Safehouses

mynecrahouse by Mr.Sivart

The winners...

Los Angeles Deadly News sponsor, the NECRA Officer Rosslessness, was organizing the first writing and pictures competition after the Zombocalypse. Operatives Mr.Sivart, Colette, Korrigan and Bountytaker answered and received collector weapons.

Read their contributions on NECRA forum.

New contest : Suggest a NECRA infocard

infocard example
(example by Rosslessness)

The necra officer Rosslessness,  is already organizing a new contest. Here are the rules :

The National Emergency Control and Relief Agency (NECRA) has liberally distributed information cards designed to aid survivors with helpful advice concerning survival in a zombie-ridden world. However, their advice is purely theoretical, written in army barracks and laboratories weeks before the pandemic occurred.

Now NECRA needs your help to supplement the set with new cards.

Please consult the database at for examples of available infocards.

Please submit suggestions for future infocards on NECRA suggestions forum.


NECRA power is limited. -  NECRA, has much the organization is willing to help operatives save humanity, is unlikely to be able to release info cards more powerful than the ones already available, try to keep that in mind

Detail is good. - Pictures and wording all add to the infocard experience. Remember, in the last issue, Sivart won a SAW for wearing a hat.

Be Devious. All infocards so far give bonuses, either as a flat rate, or when equipping a certain item. But there can be other ways to design infocards....

All entries will receive a prize. These will be revealed after the competition ends, 2 weeks after the publication date of this issue at 11:59 GMT.


korriganKorrigan : "I have been filled in ambition since the day I started"

The warlord Korrigan is seen as the most powerful operative by NECRA hierarchy and doesn't seem to be a big fan of his main rival, the general Mirhepo, he heard very strange rumors about.

rosslessnessRosslessness : "I achieve my goals by helping others achieve theirs."

Probably the most famous trader of Los Angeles County, the necra officer Rosslessness, we have met in person near his bunker, told us more about his philosophy and goals.


coletteColette : "Call me the Holy Empress"

One of the most feared operatives, Colette justifies her actions by her wish to fight "thievery" in Los Angeles County.

QuiPhenix : en fran├žais dans le texte

Leader of the main group of francophone operatives, QuiPhenix the Purifier, told us more about the Frenchies faction (interview available in french and english).


Rain reduce zombis mobility

Many operatives are reporting that it has become harder to attract zombies with sound, allowing to scavenge more quietly. It may be explained by the heavy rain over Los Angeles county these last weeks disturbing their senses.

Sadly another side effect of this acid rain was to increase putrefaction and make those rotten corpses look even scarier, especially for the survivors daring to fight them in melee.

Operative Manual

Basics of decentralized development

Learn more about a strategy that has been proved very effective in closed Zombocalypse simulation program

News from the Red Zone

Rumors and short actualities taken from operatives coms and messages sent to the redaction. Please contact us if you have some to share.


Establishing a money

Join the discussion on trading post forum.

LOS ANGELES DEADLY NEWS ISSUE 2 - Rapace Editions - printed in L.A, day 41 after the Zombocalypse.