colette Colette : "Call me the Holy Empress"

Rapace - Salutations, operative Colette, or should I say the Holy Empress...

Colette - Greetings. Call me the Holy Empress, please. It is a pleasure for me to reply your questions.

You often use this title of Holy Empress, what is its origin ?

One must choose a title that reflects her dignity, don't you agree? The fact is that I consider this city to be my empire, and my survivors are my loyal subjects. I am the one that watches them from the sky, guiding them every minute, deciding who lives and who dies. It is a power that sometimes can only be described as "holy" or "divine".

Also nicknamed the Hand of Hades, you are one of the most feared operatives in Los Angeles County, said to show no mercy even to the weakest opponents, is that reputation true ?

You may consider that true. No criminal should have their lives spared, regardless of how weak or strong they are. They all must be executed without exceptions.

Why are you killing all these people ?

It is simple. They are criminals. Trespassers, thieves. They come into my land and steal my supplies. I am simply doing what it must be done. Criminals must be executed. We are not in the times of useless trials and waste of time anymore. It is the survival of my people that is hanging in the balance.

Of course a NECRA mantra is "survival of the fittest", but don't you think your way to insure only them survive is sometimes excessive ? Are you really needing supplies so much that you can't let them live ?

Each and every bottle of water and can of food counts. With no more food being produced, it is simply a necessity to preserve all the supplies we can find. Every bottle of water than a thief steals today is a bottle of water that I will not have tomorrow. Extreme problems require extreme solutions after all.

Don't you fear to make long term enemies, and finally lose more with that policy than you'll win ?

No, I do not fear that. In fact, I am willing to offer amnesty to enemies that voluntarily support me by giving back the supplies they stole. I am so generous that I even offer them supplies in exchange. I offer them peaceful alternatives, but it is a shame that many of them continue to take an aggressive stance against me. The result is just more bloodshed for this already chaotic city.

You are a member of the Originals faction, counting some far more peaceful members like the trader Rosslessness, how are your relations with them ?

Rosslessness has been a good supplier for me. If I need ammunition, I am sure I can count on him. This smart decision has kept him safe the many times I have seen his people walking around my territory. Other members of the faction have also agreed to provide ammunition for me, and I can spare their survivors' lives exchange. You may have heard that our faction is mostly neutral, and that is true. I do not support nor discourage the methods of other Operatives within the faction, and I prefer to be neutral about them.

After what some would have considered a bad start, you are now considered one of the ten most powerful operatives by NECRA organization, is that important for you ? Do you have the ambition to compete for the very first places ?

I do consider it a bad start. A mission that went wrong costed me over half of my team. I have managed to recover, though, and I am on my feet once more.

I do not consider the ranking to be a measure of competence for NECRA Operatives. In fact, I know many competent Operatives that are not included in the first places of the ranking even though they deserve. So there are great Operatives in bad ranking places, and vice versa. Rankings are not my priority. I only wish to fulfill my mission and keep my survivors alive until this catastrophe is over.

Can you tell us more about your methods ?

My primary tactic could be called "search and destroy". I constantly send patrols of heavily armed survivors around certain areas to ensure no trespassing enemies are in the area. Any criminal found is executed on sight, and their names are carved in a wall of the nearest location available as a reminder for the future. Other than that, I just try to secure a steady source of ammunition and water to ensure the survival of my people.

Is there a particular region you claim as yours ?

I claim the whole city as my own, but I do not wish to give specific information about my survivors' locations. But I would advice to the trespassers that if they see a safehouse that belongs to me, their lives are in danger and they should turn back and leave at once.

Any other information you'd accept to disclose on the regions you visited ?

I would like to warn other Operatives about the risk of going deep into the forest. There are large zones of concentrated z-density that are dangerous even to experienced squads. There is also a lack of available supplies, so every expedition must be carefully planed and every risk taken in mind.

Something you'd want to add?

Yes. I am the Holy Empress, and I am capable of great generosity or great fury. It depends on the other Operatives to choose which side of me they will see. My dream is to turn this land into an empire free of violence and death, and sacrifices must be done to achieve that. That is all that I have to say for now.

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korriganKorrigan : "I've been filled with ambition since the day I started"

Rapace - Salutations, operative Korrigan,
You are now ranked first in NECRA hierarchy, and the only one in rankings top 10 to have become an operative after the end of the Zombocalypse Simulation Program, how did you realize that ?

Korrigan - You might think that not participating in the SCUGS simulation program might put me at a disadvantage, but I think it is an opportunity. Many parameters in the simulation did not correctly depict the real world situation we have to work with now. From the reports I read I can see that supplies were abundant in the simulation. Only 3 weeks after the real satellite links have been established, supplies are already becoming scarce. During that time, NECRA also worked hard to recruit and train additional operatives and construct more SCUGS consoles and now competition is tougher than before.
But to answer your question: After the links had been established, I was privileged to be amongst the first whose consoles were patched into the live stream. I have survivors that have been alive for 4 weeks. I started a decentralized expansion of my territory (30 km²) and command more than a hundred survivors. I was able to keep losses to a minimum: only 2 of my survivors had to be dealt with after they had been bitten, 1 was lost because he refused to eat and drink and one died in a hostile engagement. Reconnaissance, a steady line of supply, iron ration discipline and armed territory patrols are the backbone of my success. I try to communicate with my protégés every few hours.

Is that honor important for you? Did you have this ambition since you became an operative? And how far will you go to keep this place?

I have been filled with ambition since the day I started, because I still remember how the world used to be. Other operatives have already been transformed into cold, calculating beings by the time they spent in the simulation. They have lost squads, they have murdered neighbors, and they have sent their people on suicide mission. But I fight for honor: I am not aiming to just “delay the inevitable”; I want to guide my survivors to a new existence. I control the fates of children, adults and seniors – I control the fates of families. I want those children to be able to grow up and live in a world without constant fear. This vision comes at a high cost: as other operatives are often hostile I am always prepared for a preemptive strike.

How are your relations with the other high ranked operatives? Or other operatives in general?

Sadly, during my first days, one of my colleague’s squads was ambushed by the operative Colette, also known as the Holy Empress. I have also heard stories that mir_sivart’s “survivors” were as ruthless as his command during the simulation. Another notorious operative is mirhepo and I have already been in a few confrontations with him while gathering information through various communication channels.  I have even heard rumors that he is part of a top secret next step in NECRA’s research to improve operative/SCUGS interaction: his physical form is supposedly suspended in a bio-tank and his mind has been directly linked into the SCUGS feed. His body is kept alive by nutritious fluid and lots of experimental drugs. His mind doesn’t even need sleep anymore! The budget reserved for this secret program also grants his survivors access to large amounts of morphine, benzodiazepine, amphetamines and shipments of exotic equipment and weapons.
My attitude towards all other operatives (especially Rosslessness and Rapace) is positive and I always welcome any trades or treaties.

Your safehouse territory looks huge... Are you really exploiting that big territory?

As I mentioned before, I expanded my territory in all directions and tried to institute a decentralized supply chain. The amount of survivors I command can’t live off a small territory.

Are you the territorial kind of operative or more someone expanding everywhere? Is there a particular region you claim as your own and would like to warn others to avoid?

I treat all unannounced intruders as potential hostiles. Stay clear of north-east Los Angeles or schedule your visit with me.
My newest endeavor is an expansion into Central Los Angeles.

You are the leader (and only famous member) of the Plants and Zombies faction can you tell us more about this organization and its policies? Do you plan to develop it?

The story of the Plants versus Zombies faction starts before my initiation into NECRA. At that time I was still a student of the Army Military Academy in West Point. The top four of our class were recruited to be SCUGS operatives soon after the first confirmed outbreaks on US soil. After our training we pledged to stay in contact and our goal was to cultivate any farmable land in order to sustain an ever increasing population of survivors. All was well for a few days, but then disaster struck: a rogue operative released nerve gas into the ventilation of a NECRA bunker and a whole cadre of operatives (my former class mates included) suffered a completely unexpected and painful death.  Now I’m the only one left.
Let this be a lesson: none of us are untouchable.

Any information you'd accept to disclose on areas you visited?

Central Los Angeles is a dangerous area – most streets are filled with huge amount of zombies. On top of that other experienced operatives have already settled the area and are prepared to defend the territory by force.
And, as other have mentioned before: stay clear of the forest paths if you can. There are pockets of high z-density throughout and barely and NECRA safehouses or places to scavenge.

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rossRosslessness : "I achieve my goals by helping others achieve theirs."

As an exclusive, this interview was undertaken in person, in the remains of a downtown Police Station. Many thanks to NECRA Public Relations for facilitating this appearance.
Rosslessness is nothing like the NECRA operatives in the briefing videos. He hasn’t shaved in a couple of days, his non regulation trainers are almost falling apart and it seems the helicopter ride to the interview has left him feeling sick. 

Rapace - Salutations, necra officer Rosslessness.
You are known to be the most active trader of Los Angeles county, perhaps you'd like to tell us more about the services you offer ?

Rosslessness - What is this? An advert? Not a lot to say really. I pick things up, I move them, I drop them off. It’s not that hard really. I just fill a need that’s out there. The trick is to be quick and reliable. I’m surprised more people don’t do it.

Is being a trader a vocation for you, or just a way to pursue your own goals ?

For me it’s entirely about self-interest. But it’s a two way thing. I achieve my goals by helping others achieve theirs. It’s something I just fell into last year, seems that I had a natural gift for this way of life. One trade often leads to another. Its no coincidence that I’ve got 200+ research samples.

Your large experience of trading probably give you a better idea than most of us have on the value of things, offer and demand, etc... Can you tell us more about the market ?

The county is a big place, and everyone has different idea of what’s valuable. This changes over time as well. Early on, operatives need basics necessities to keep their survivors alive, later on as they grow in confidence and ability they need upgrades, weapons and research items.
Also different styles mean different needs. I don’t use a lot of rifle ammunition, so when I find it, I know that’s something I can trade to those who do.

Out of being a trader, you are also known for your generosity, and are said to often give supplies for free to rookie operatives, is that true ? How do you conciliate this humanitarian work with your commercial activities ?

If I have stuff to spare, of course I will give it to new operatives. The first few days are the hardest, and you never know how far any operative will go. I would rather have active operatives finding all those things I really need, and owing me a favour. First impressions count for a lot.

You were the first ranked at the end of the Zombocalypse Simulation Program, what are the main lessons you retained from this experience ? Do you miss this first place ?

Honestly, first place was a huge burden. The only reason I held on to the placement was keeping my survivors alive, so I guess that is my advice. Good planning and a cautious attitude are all you really need.

Your survivors haven't killed anyone yet, do you plan to remain peaceful ?

No longer true actually. I had a request from a veteran to finish off their squad the other day, and I duly obliged. Things like this happen a lot. I field a lot of strange requests, from keeping items safe, requests to destroy specific safehouses, transporting items over huge distances and scouting help. Generally I don’t kill anyone who doesn’t specifically ask me to do it, but there’s always a chance there will be an exception.

Your Originals faction is known to also count some far more aggressive operatives among its ranks, like Mr-Sivart, Colette or Lazette, how are your relations with them ? Do you have something to add to what Mr-Sivart said of your group policies on killing in last issue ?

First of all it’s not really “Mine”. Secondly, it’s complicated. My relations with everyone are fine, I guess. But trying to steer any members in a direction would be like herding cats, so it’s never done. It’s important to remember there is no one way to succeed in Los Angeles, my route is no better than any other. 

How do you feel when your own faction mates kill your clients (or the young operatives you help) ? Has it happened that their behavior created problems during your trades ?

Strangely there’s very little crossover, those operatives who ask questions and undertake trades are not the ones who leave their survivors sitting in the streets, or leave their safehouses undefended. Good operatives learn from mistakes, and there are ways of dealing with loss. I’m more than happy to supply guns and ammo to anyone who feels they’ve been wronged. 

The Originals being a group of individuals more than what can be called an alliance, are you conducting some personnal diplomacy out of this group ? Do you have particular allies (or rivals) ?

It’s a faction in name only, in all honesty. A private faction channel, a few shared safehouses and a name goes a long way. It’s a place to double check things, share information and intelligence and try and keep powerful operatives away from each other. Every few days there’s another dispute, another problem, and its best to talk these things through. It’s much more of an Embassy than an army. Plus it’s always reassuring to know that if I did need help, there would be half a dozen people with SAWS willing to lend a hand.

You are the main sponsor of the first writing contest after the Zombocalypse, how did you have this idea ? Do you plan to organize more contests in the future ?

We need all the information we can, we need to preserve the past for future generations. I will do anything I can do to protect what little we have left.
Expect more items in the future. Information is a far better ammunition than even .50bmg. Although, if you’ve got some spare, I don’t mind looking after it.

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quiphenixQuiPhenix : "We help rookie francophone operatives"

-> French version.

Rapace - You are the leader of the Frenchies an important group of francophone operatives, what decided you to create this faction ?

Comments on the french chat, mostly. A lot of francophones have express the desire to be in a group with other french speakers. So, as there was no french faction, I created it.

During the Zombocalypse Simulation Program there were already some important francophone factions, like Duck Rydaz or Tuez les Tous, were you members of these groups ?

In my case no.

Out of gathering french speakers what are the objectives of your organization ?

Mainly mutual assistance, to help rookie operatives in their work by providing them some tools: trade forum, map, news reports, etc.

Would you define yourself as a collectivist faction or a gathering of individuals ?

This is clearly a gathering of individualities. Members are involved at different levels depending on their will / time / resources.

Tell us more about your ideals... Do you reprove, for example, the killing of living beings ?

The faction itself has no specific policy. Players make their own choices.
Personally, I disagree with the killing of human beings. The zeds kill themselves enough survivors, why help them ?

What are your faction policies do you have particular allies or enemies ?

The faction is neutral. Some operators feel the need to defend a territory, but these are individual choices.

As the only leader are you the person taking all important decisions, or is your faction more democratic ?

I only have the title of "Leader" . Having the time, I just put resources available for francophones. If the faction works is mainly because its members manage themselves.

Is there a particular are you consider as your demesne ?

Not yet. We are currently looking for a place to establish some bases for our trade but it is not easy to find.

Something you'd want to add ?

A big thanks to the Los Angeles Deadly!

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quifEn français dans le texte...

Rapace - Vous êtes le leader des frenchies, un important groupe d'opérateurs d'origine francophone, qu'est ce qui vous a décidé à créer cette faction ?

- Des commentaires sur le chat francophone essentiellement. Beaucoup de francophones ont emis le désir de se regrouper et comme il n'existait pas de faction adaptée, je l'ai créée.

- Déjà du temps de la simulation de zombocalypse destinée à former les futurs opérateurs (hrp : la closed beta) les factions francophones, Duck Rydaz et Tuez les tous, étaient parmi les plus importantes, étiez vous membres de ces groupes ?

- En ce qui me concerne non.

- En dehors de rassembler les francophones, quels sont les objectifs de votre faction ?

- L'entraide principalement pour permettre aux opérateurs francophones débutants d'apprécier le jeu en mettant à leur disposition des outils: forum d'échange, carte, bulletins d'informations, etc..

- Vous définiriez vous plutôt comme une faction collectiviste ou un rassemblement d'individualités ?

- C'est clairement un rassemblement d'individualités. Les membres participent à la faction à des niveaux différents selon leur volonté / temps / moyens.

- Dites nous en plus à propos de vos idéaux. Réprouvez vous par exemple les meurtres d'êtres vivants ?

- La faction en elle-même n'a pas de politique propre. Ce sont aux joueurs de faire leurs choix.
Personnellement, je désapprouve les meurtres d'êtres vivants. Les zeds tuent bien assez de survivants seuls, pourquoi les aider ?

- Quelle est votre politique vis à vis des autres opérateurs et factions, avez vous déjà des alliés ou ennemis en particulier ?

- La faction est neutre. Certains opérateurs ressentent le besoin de défendre un territoire, mais ce sont des choix individuels en ce qui concerne la faction.

- En tant qu'unique leader des frenchies, comment dirigez vous votre faction, êtes vous la personne prenant la plupart des décisions ou vous considérez vous juste chargé d'appliquer celles du groupe ?

- De "Leader" je n'ai que le titre. Ayant du temps, j'ai juste mis des moyens à disposition pour les francophones puissent en profiter. Si la faction fonctionne, c'est surtout par ses membres qui s'auto-gérent.

- Y a t'il une région en particulier que vous ou votre faction considérez comme votre domaine ?

- Pas encore. Nous cherchons actuellement un endroit où établir quelques bases pour nos échanges mais ce n'est pas facile à trouver.

* Quelque chose que vous souhaiteriez ajouter ?

- Un grand merci au Los Angeles Deadly News !

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