bunker lifeOperative Manual

Basics of decentralized developpment

Necra radios only have a limited range, it's why the best rescue unit officers try to spread their squads as much as possible, establishing a net of safehouses and local teams in many areas of the city, to get broadcasts from everywhere.
The decentralized developpement strategy goal is to developp this net of bases and squads as fast as possible. For that instead of convoying the rescued survivors back to a central base, they are installed in a new appartment, near the point they were found and a scavenge site where they can find themselves what they need, forming a new squad, soon ready to answer itself to the close broadcasts.

While a few specialized, highly skilled characters may be used to explore new zones and establish far away bases, or convoy important items where needed, the focus of decentralized developpment is not developping many of these supermen, but teaching each local squad the minimum skills needed to insure its own survival and be able to complete the closest rescue missions. So the priority is giving almost every survivor (but minors and seniors used as guards), an average formation in both scavenging, a weapon and adrenaline rush, then to give to at least one in each safehouse better survival skills allowing him to be used when it's needed to cross harder zones for a rescue. Party skills like master looter are very low priority in this strategy as it wouldn't be cost efficient to form leaders for the 1-4 men squads usually used ; as well as mutation or anti-human weapon skills, as you can afford losing some survivors to events like infections or agressive operatives with the many you should be able to rescue a day. But at some point, of course, as interesting scavenging places are discovered like police stations, army bases or malls, or you want to be able to retaliate against rivals, it may become more interesting to close some appartments, gather the men in a bigger safehouses like warehouses, and form some large permanent scavenging or fighting teams, this time using leader skills.

Soon, using the decentralized strategy, the number of safehouses and local teams will exceed the number of active squads you can have at the same time. At this stage, if you want to continue fast developpement it's advised to keep all your squads but two as permanent ones, as far away from each other as possible, to get broadcasts from the largest possible area, while the teams in the middle of the covered territory are used in a temporary squad you create and activate where you want to scavenge, and another temporary squad can be used for emergencies like injured characters during a scavenging session.

The big drawback of this approach is the attention required from the necra operative, who will have to monitor many teams, missions and scavenging operations, destroying and re-creating temporary squads many times each day, etc.... More than a few necra officers, after a very fast developpement using this method, leading them to be in charge of an hundred or more men survival after a few weeks, succumbed to a nervous breakdown when they realised the work needed to keep so many men alive, and ended their operative carreer soon after.

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